Music PlayLists
      1. Cough Syrup Album Young The Giant

      2. Simplify

      3. Something To Believe In Album Home of the Strange

      4. My Body Album Young The Giant

      5. Elsewhere Album Home of the Strange

      6. Your Side Album Young The Giant

      7. Jungle Youth Album Home of the Strange

      8. I Got Album Essentials

      9. Superposition

      10. God Made Man Album Essentials

      11. 12 Fingers Album Young The Giant

      12. Garands Album Young The Giant

      13. Cough Syrup Album Essentials

      14. Simplify Album Essentials

      15. Waves Album Mind Over Matter

      16. Amerika Album Essentials

      17. My Body Album Essentials

      18. Mr. Know-It-All Album Home of the Strange

      19. Titus Was Born Album Essentials

      20. Amerika Album Home of the Strange

      21. It's About Time Album Mind Over Matter

      22. Teachers Album Mind Over Matter

      23. Guns Out Album Young The Giant

      24. Nothing's Over Album Home of the Strange

      25. Strings Album Young The Giant

      26. Apartment Album Essentials

      27. Camera Album Mind Over Matter

      28. Silvertongue Album Essentials

      29. Mr. Know-it-All Album Essentials

      30. In My Home Album Mind Over Matter

      31. Mind Over Matter Album Mind Over Matter

      32. Slow Dive Album Mind Over Matter

      33. Titus Was Born Album Home of the Strange

      34. Silvertongue Album Home of the Strange

      35. Paralysis Album Mind Over Matter

      36. Strings Album Essentials

      37. I Got Album Young The Giant

      38. Art Exhibit Album Home of the Strange

      39. Superposition Album Essentials

      40. Islands Album Young The Giant

      41. Apartment Album Young The Giant

      42. It's About Time Album Essentials

      43. Repeat Album Home of the Strange

      44. Home of the Strange Album Home of the Strange

      45. Firelight Album Mind Over Matter

      46. Eros Album Mind Over Matter

      47. God Made Man Album Young The Giant

      48. St. Walker Album Young The Giant

      49. Crystallized Album Essentials

      50. Crystallized Album Mind Over Matter

      51. Anagram Album Mind Over Matter

      52. Something to Believe In Album Essentials

      53. Mind Over Matter Album Essentials

      54. Daydreamer Album Mind Over Matter



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