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      Blues Power

      Blues Power

      Albert King

      Album: Live Wire/Blues Power

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      Albert King - Blues Power Música y Letra

      Ev'rybody understands the blues
      Are you listening? Yeah!
      I say ev'rybody understands the blues
      Ev'rybody from one day to another has the blues
      You take the little baby that's layin' in the cradle
      He can't get that milk bottle fast enough
      He go to kickin' an'cryin'
      An' goin' on, tearin' up the little baby bed
      He got the blues
      Can ya dig it? Yeah! Ha, ha, ha
      You take this girl that's got this main squeeze
      That's her boyfriend, that is, you know
      An' he just bought a brand new GTO
      You know she wanna be wit' him ev'rytime he cranks it up
      An' go around the corner to the soda fountain
      This is where she wanna go an'show it off
      Where all the girls and guys be
      You know what I mean?
      An' she get ready to go out this particular night
      An' her mother say, "Daughter you was just out last night
      You can't go out tonight, that's too many nights in a row"
      She go in the room an'fasten the door
      An' won't answer the phone, won't eat
      Won't talk to nobody
      She got the blues that's what's wrong wit' her
      Some people call them the reds, the pinks
      When ya get through
      It's the old-fashioned country blues
      That's right
      I haven't seen my main squeeze
      In ten long weeks, today
      You know I got the blues
      Can you dig it? ha, ha, ha
      Yeah! Woo! Alright!
      Ah but wait, I don't think you're with me
      Let's ev'rybody get a thing goin' right here
      Yes, yes, yes
      Can you feel it? Yeah!
      I can't hear you, can you feel it? Yeah!
      Yes, yes, sounds awful good, keep it,
      Keep it, right there chilin'
      Keep it right there, ha ha ha ha
      The blues!
      An' when you're doin' the blues
      They so strong,
      That's the reason there named
      They call 'em blues power, yeah
      An' would you believe
      I invented blues power? Yeah!
      Can you dig the blues power? Yeah!
      Let ev'rybody say "yeah"! Yeah!
      Say it again, say "yeah"! Yeah!
      Alright! Alright! Hey! Hey! Hey! Oh! Alright
      Ha, ha, ha! Well! Woo! Ha, ha, ha!
      Oh man! Hey! Ooh-oh! Woo!
      Thank you! Thank you very much!
      Thank you very kindly! Woo!

      Albert King - Blues Power Música y Letra






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