Music PlayLists
      1. I See The Blues In Technicolor Album ...Before The Beginning

      2. Testify Album Rebel Blue

      3. Testify Album Music Is The Medicine

      4. If You Could Rule The World Album Rebel Blue

      5. Beautiful Goodbye Album ...Before The Beginning

      6. Love's Got The Power Album Blues In Technicolor

      7. Bluebird Album Rebel Blue

      8. Monday Kinda Tuesday Album Blues In Technicolor

      9. Hamhock Booty Album Sweet Stringin Soul

      10. Love Crazy Album Electric Field Holler

      11. Playing The Fool Album Primary Colors

      12. Prelude in blues Album Live

      13. Misery For Company Album Blues In Technicolor

      14. Stand Up Album Music Is The Medicine

      15. Darkest Before The Dawn Album Rebel Blue

      16. Rescue Me Album ...Before The Beginning

      17. Love's Got The Power Album Rebel Blue

      18. Lady Soul Album ...Before The Beginning

      19. Unity Album Rebel Blue

      20. Do Watchya Do Album Unity

      21. Red Handed Blues Album Electric Field Holler

      22. When the right woman does you wrong Album Live

      23. Blueschild Album Electric Field Holler

      24. Sweet Stringing Soul Album Sweet Stringin Soul

      25. Gonna Have A Party Album Primary Colors

      26. Jackleg Preacher Album Sweet Stringin Soul

      27. Waiting For A Sign Album Music Is The Medicine

      28. Unity Album Unity

      29. Anywhere You Run Album Up 2 Zero

      30. When The Right Woman Does You Wrong Album Rebel Blue

      31. When I Play The Blues Album Sweet Stringin Soul

      32. We Were Made To Fall In Love Album Sweet Stringin Soul

      33. Turn It Up! Album Electric Field Holler

      34. Outta The Cathouse Album Blues In Technicolor

      35. Bad Luck Child Album Blues In Technicolor

      36. Gonna Have A Party Album Rebel Blue

      37. Losing Game Album Electric Field Holler

      38. Love's Got The Power Album Primary Colors

      39. Monday Salvation Album Rebel Blue

      40. What If Album Music Is The Medicine

      41. You Are Amazing Album New Soul Cowboys

      42. Junk In The Trunk Album Electric Field Holler

      43. Shame On You Album Blues In Technicolor

      44. Going Down Slow Album Rebel Blue

      45. Purple Whiskey Sack Album New Soul Cowboys

      46. Love Is The Answer Album Music Is The Medicine

      47. Music is the medicine Album Live

      48. Now She's Gone Album Music Is The Medicine

      49. What It's All About Album New Soul Cowboys

      50. Lonely At The Bottom Album Primary Colors

      51. Bluebird Album Live

      52. Room 414 Album Up 2 Zero

      53. When The Walls Come Down Album Unity

      54. Whiskey Train Album Electric Field Holler

      55. Countdown Album Live

      56. Back Door Scratchin' Album Electric Field Holler

      57. Back To The Start Album Up 2 Zero

      58. Voodoo Moon Album Up 2 Zero

      59. Old Ten Wheeler Album ...Before The Beginning

      60. One Last Time Album Up 2 Zero

      61. Heartbreak Train Album Sweet Stringin Soul

      62. Music Is The Medicine Album Rebel Blue

      63. N'Abandonne Pas Album Up 2 Zero

      64. Born To Ride Album New Soul Cowboys

      65. Working Blue Album Primary Colors

      66. Chicken Bone Cross Album New Soul Cowboys

      67. Trouble In Our Land Album Sweet Stringin Soul

      68. Going Down Slow Album Unity

      69. Painted Horse Album New Soul Cowboys

      70. Pain In My Heart Album Sweet Stringin Soul



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