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      Any Day Woman

      Any Day Woman

      Bonnie Raitt

      Album: Bonnie Raitt

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      Bonnie Raitt - Any Day Woman Música y Letra

      If you don't love her you'd better let her go
      You'll never fool her you're bound to let it show
      Love's so hard to take when you have to fake
      Everything in return
      You just preserve her
      When you serve her a little tenderness.
      If she's a woman she'll try to make it last
      If you're a man now you'd better end it fast
      There's no reason here, no treason here
      Jus the way a womans mind
      Well she has no name. she has no shame
      She just loves you
      It's not easy to undo what's done
      Or to speak too freely to just anyone
      And if this takes more than you bargained for
      Boy it's time you learned
      Not to talk so loud, not to walk so proud
      When you're comin' on.

      Bonnie Raitt - Any Day Woman Música y Letra





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