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      Steal Your Heart Away

      Steal Your Heart Away

      Bonnie Raitt

      Album: Longing In Their Hearts

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      Bonnie Raitt - Steal Your Heart Away Música y Letra

      "Steal Your Heart Away"
      I know you got a different picture in mind
      Some dream a world of a different kind
      I know this rhythm we've been moving to is way to slow
      Each time our bodies are supposed to meet
      I'm still here missing a beat
      And when I look at you in your eyes
      We're still dancing to a differernt tune
      Take me to your dreaming place
      Open up my eyes
      Let me see what it takes to be
      Your lover in disguise
      Show me how I do those things
      That make you want to stay
      'Cause I'll go crazy if I don't find
      The words I gotta say
      To steal your heart away
      I'll buy you diamonds, buy you golden rings
      All kinds of beautiful things
      But that don't matter to a lover with a restless heart
      Cause you still want to wake up to a different scene
      Some screen gem like the one in the dream
      And leave me standing like a fool in the wings
      Still waiting for a part to play
      I know you think she's right for you
      That she's in tune with what you do
      That she can touch you deep inside
      Where all your deepest feelings lie
      But I got something you should know
      Before she starts to hurt you so
      You can bet your life she's gonna hurt you
      And maybe you think that it's alright
      To leave me waiting every night
      To put me down in company
      In front of everyone we see
      To take my loving when it's free
      And then to throw it back at me
      Well baby, I just can't stand it
      Cause I can be the one for you
      And I can make your dreams come true
      And I can love you like she can
      Cause fancy clothes don't make no woman
      Believe me baby
      I got what it takes to make you feel
      And maybe you think a girl should be
      As perfect as a girl can be
      To love you when your feeling down
      And miss you when you're not around
      Well I can't be that one for you
      I can only be the one that loves you
      Hey, what's this on your mind
      Hey, what's this change of mind
      Hey, what's this on your mind

      Bonnie Raitt - Steal Your Heart Away Música y Letra





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