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      Feeling Of Falling

      Feeling Of Falling

      Bonnie Raitt

      Album: Road Tested

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      Bonnie Raitt - Feeling Of Falling Música y Letra

      Sometimes I miss that feeling of falling
      Falling on over the ledge
      You know I miss that feeling of falling
      Falling on over the ledge
      And when my mind it gets to worryin'
      And I just can't get no rest
      Oh Baby, that's when I call you up instead
      It's after midnight baby, I'm sittin' here all alone
      I tried to call your number baby,
      But you weren't at home
      I been a good girl baby, through with all that mess
      But the way I'm feelin' now, darlin'
      Well it scares me half to death
      Well I miss that feelin', of fallin'
      On over the ledge
      That summer night in Texas, baby
      Too hot and wet to sleep
      I heard you pull up in the distance
      You're comin' to get me relief
      We went screamin' down the highway, baby
      So much faster than we should
      You pulled me over in the moonlight
      Man, I still can feel that hood
      Well I miss that feeling of fallin',
      On over the ledge
      When that rain starts baby, I want to take a real
      Good look at that ledge
      It ain't something you get over
      You might think you made it through
      You can turn your head and walk away
      But it never takes it's eyes off you
      It'll push your foot right through the floorboard
      Make you cut them streamers down his back
      You waste what's precious and you can't afford
      It runs your life right off the track
      Keeps you boilin' in that poison
      Only the truly twisted know so well
      You don't need drugs to show you heaven, baby
      'cause there's plenty clean in hell
      That miss that feelin' of fallin'
      Of fallin' on over the ledge
      When the blues start callin' I want to crawl way up close to the ledge

      Bonnie Raitt - Feeling Of Falling Música y Letra






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