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      Time Of Our Lives

      Time Of Our Lives

      Bonnie Raitt

      Album: The Best Of Bonnie Raitt

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      Bonnie Raitt - Time Of Our Lives Música y Letra

      Who'll take the only hearts they got
      And throw them into the fire?
      Who'll risk their own self respect
      In the name of desire?
      Who'll regret everything they've done
      And who will get the bill?
      Lovers will
      Who'll hurt each other all the time
      And never give it a thought?
      Who'll lie about where they've been
      And hope they never get caught?
      Who'll say each other's kisses
      No longer thrill?
      Lovers will
      Lovers will do almost anything
      For the thrill that only love can bring
      If love is a healer, who'll be the first ones ill?
      Lovers will
      Who'll never know what they've got
      Until it's just about gone?
      And whose arms will gather up what's left
      To carry on?
      And who'll stalk that little bit of love
      That hasn't been killed?
      Lovers will

      Bonnie Raitt - Time Of Our Lives Música y Letra





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