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      Under The Falling Sky

      Under The Falling Sky

      Bonnie Raitt

      Album: The Bonnie Raitt Collection

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      Bonnie Raitt - Under The Falling Sky Música y Letra

      Warm and lovely mystery, fire smiling through
      Before this moment fades away I want to know you
      I've got lightening in my pocket, thunder in my shoe
      Have no fear I've got something here I want to show you
      Low, under the falling sky
      Easily we will lie
      While I bring it to you
      It's a low road, a high wire going from me to you
      And in your eyes the distance left is closing
      I've got a feeling in my oceans
      Blood underneath my skin
      That into your bright fields this prison is opening
      Our shadows wake each day though they don't know why
      They hope and try - live and die
      So leave them in their frozen world
      Come and be my lover
      If only for one stolen moment
      We will live forever
      Warm and lovely mystery, can you hear the choir?
      Voices can no longer hold my desire
      Just abandon your sad history and meet me in the fire
      Angels wait to take me higher and higher
      Higher and higher

      Bonnie Raitt - Under The Falling Sky Música y Letra






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