Music PlayLists
      1. I Bet Album Single

      2. Basic Instinct (U Got Me) Album Basic Instinct

      3. Level Up Album Single

      4. Turn it up Album Ride It

      5. Rooted (Ft Ester Dean)

      6. Promise (Go And Get Your Tickets Mix) Album The Evolution

      7. C.R.U.S.H Album The Evolution

      8. Fly Album Jackie

      9. Make It Last Forever Album The Evolution

      10. I Got You Album Jackie

      11. Never Ever (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      12. I'm Just Me Album The Evolution

      13. High Price (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      14. Keep On Lookin' Album Ciara

      15. Give Me Love Album Jackie

      16. Read My Lips Album Ciara

      17. Turntables (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      18. My Love Album The Evolution

      19. I Bet (R3hab Remix) Album Jackie

      20. Super Turnt Up Album Ciara

      21. Addicted Album The Evolution

      22. Keep Dancin' On Me (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      23. Promise Album The Evolution

      24. Ciara To The Stage (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      25. Lover's Thing (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      26. Up & Down Album Ride It

      27. Tell Me What Your Name Is (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      28. Yeah I Know Album Basic Instinct

      29. I Found Myself Album The Evolution

      30. The Evolution Of Music Album The Evolution

      31. One Woman Army Album Jackie

      32. This Is What Love Is Album Ride It

      33. Speechless Album Ride It

      34. I Proceed Album The Evolution

      35. Goodies (featuring Petey Pablo) Album Goodies

      36. Secret Album Ride It

      37. Girls Get Your Money Album Basic Instinct

      38. Speechless Album Basic Instinct

      39. Turn It Up Album Basic Instinct

      40. That's How I'm Feelin' (feat. Pitbull & Missy Elliott) Album Jackie

      41. Backseat Love Album Ciara

      42. Bang It Up Album The Evolution

      43. Stuck On You Album Jackie

      44. Ride Ft. Ludacris Album Basic Instinct

      45. Hotline Album Goodies

      46. Get In, Fit In Album The Evolution

      47. Pucker Up (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      48. Only One Album Jackie

      49. Ride Feat. Ludacris Album Ride It

      50. All Good Album Jackie

      51. One Woman Army (Intro) Album Jackie

      52. Like A Boy Album The Evolution

      53. 1 2 Step (Ft Missy Elliot) Album Single

      54. Get it girl Album Ride It

      55. Freak Me (Ft Tekno)

      56. Got Me Good Album Single

      57. Like A Surgeon (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      58. Cool on you Album Ride It

      59. Turn It Up Ft. Usher Album Basic Instinct

      60. Love Sex Magic (Main Version) Album Fantasy Ride

      61. Thug Style Album Goodies

      62. Ride remix Album Ride It

      63. Other Chicks Album Goodies

      64. The Evolution Of Dance Album The Evolution

      65. Get Up Album Single

      66. Next To You Album Goodies

      67. One more dance Album Ride It

      68. Dance Like We're Making Love Album Jackie

      69. Jackie (B.M.F.) Album Jackie

      70. The Evolution Of C Album The Evolution



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