Music PlayLists
      1. What Di Say Music by Ray Charles

      2. Hallelujah I Love Her So Music by Ray Charles

      3. Georgia On My Mind Music by Ray Charles

      4. John Henry Music by Hugh Laurie

      5. Turtle Blues Music by Janis Joplin

      6. Unchain My Heart Music by Hugh Laurie

      7. Kiss of Fire Music by Hugh Laurie

      8. Our Lady of Sorrow Music by Norah Jones

      9. Lonestar Music by Norah Jones

      10. What Am I To You (Live) Music by Norah Jones

      11. What A Wonderful World Music by Louis Armstrong

      12. Winter Wonderland Music by Louis Armstrong

      13. Bugle Call Rag Music by Louis Armstrong

      14. Millers Cave Music by Louis Armstrong

      15. The prettiest thing Music by Norah Jones

      16. Three Men In A Boat Chapter 7, Oxford Music by Hugh Laurie

      17. That's What Friends Are For Music by Stevie Wonder

      18. I Just Called To Say I Love You Music by Stevie Wonder

      19. Doing It Wrong Music by Stevie Wonder

      20. Jungle Fever Music by Stevie Wonder

      21. The Song Is You Music by Frank Sinatra

      22. Hush-A-Bye Island Music by Frank Sinatra

      23. The Brooklyn Bridge Music by Frank Sinatra

      24. When I Lost You Music by Frank Sinatra

      25. El Sombrerón (Revisited) Music by Gaby Moreno

      26. Espérame en el Cielo Music by Gaby Moreno

      27. Sing Me Life Music by Gaby Moreno

      28. It's Been A Pleasure Music by Gaby Moreno

      29. Desperado Music by Diana Krall

      30. California Dreamin' Music by Diana Krall

      31. I'm Not In Love Music by Diana Krall

      32. Don't Dream It's Over Music by Diana Krall

      33. Work Me, Lord Music by Janis Joplin

      34. Blow My Mind Music by Janis Joplin

      35. My Baby (Alternate Take - 9.9.70) Music by Janis Joplin

      36. Pero me acuerdo de ti Music by Christina Aguilera

      37. Lady Marmelade Music by Christina Aguilera

      38. Somos Nada Music by Christina Aguilera

      39. Pa Mis Muchachas (Ft Nathy Peluso) Music by Christina Aguilera

      40. Something Got Me Started (Perfecto Mix) Music by Simply Red

      41. The Right Thing Music by Simply Red

      42. Sad Old Red (Live in Hamburg, 1992) Music by Simply Red

      43. You Make Me Feel Brand New Music by Simply Red

      44. Unchain My Heart Music by Ray Charles



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