Music PlayLists
      1. Kidnapped Album Dirty Fingers

      2. Blinder (bonus) Album Victims of the Future

      3. Lonely Nights Album Dirty Fingers

      4. All I Want Album Victims of the Future

      5. Reach For The Sky Album Run for Cover

      6. Cold Hearted Album Corridors of Power

      7. The Woman's In Love Album G Force

      8. Military Man (Live) Album After the War

      9. Gonna Break My Heart Again Album Corridors of Power

      10. Hurricane Album Back on the Streets

      11. Victims Of The Future Album Victims of the Future

      12. Blood of Emeralds Album After the War

      13. Wild Frontier (12' Version) Album Wild Frontier

      14. You Album G Force

      15. After the War Album After the War

      16. The Energy Dance Album Grinding Stone

      17. Running From the Storm Album After the War

      18. Emerald Album After the War

      19. Hot Gossip Album G Force

      20. Flight Of The Snow Moose Album Back on the Streets

      21. Dirty Fingers Album Dirty Fingers

      22. Devil In Her Heart (bonus) Album Victims of the Future

      23. End Of The World Album Corridors of Power

      24. Always Gonna Love You Album Corridors of Power

      25. The Loner Album Wild Frontier

      26. What Would You Rather Bee Wasp Album Back on the Streets

      27. Teenage Idol Album Victims of the Future

      28. Murder In The Skies Album Victims of the Future

      29. This Thing Called Love Album After the War

      30. Strangers In The Darkness Album Wild Frontier

      31. She's Got You Album G Force

      32. The Messiah Will Come Again Album After the War

      33. Military Man Album Run for Cover

      34. Don't Believe A Word Album Back on the Streets

      35. Empty Rooms Album Victims of the Future

      36. The Loner (Extended Mix) Album Wild Frontier

      37. Rockin' Every Night Album Corridors of Power

      38. Bad News Album Dirty Fingers

      39. Once In A Lifetime Album Run for Cover

      40. Nuclear Attack Album Dirty Fingers

      41. Wild Frontier Album Wild Frontier

      42. You Kissed Me Sweetly Album G Force

      43. Thunder Rising Album Wild Frontier

      44. Back On The Streets Album Back on the Streets

      45. Wishing Well Album Corridors of Power

      46. Johnny Boy Album Wild Frontier

      47. Love Can Make A Fool Of You Album Corridors of Power

      48. Livin' on Dreams Album After the War

      49. The Law Of The Jungle Album Victims of the Future

      50. Time To Heal Album Grinding Stone

      51. Don't Take Me For A Loser Album Corridors of Power

      52. Falling In Love With You(remix instrumental) Album Corridors of Power

      53. Falling In Love With You Album Corridors of Power

      54. I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow Album Corridors of Power

      55. Take A Little Time Album Wild Frontier

      56. Nothing To Loose Album Run for Cover

      57. Dunluce (Part 2) Album After the War

      58. Friday On My Mind (12' Version) Album Wild Frontier

      59. Oh Pretty Woman Album Still Got The Blues

      60. Listen To Your Heartbeat Album Run for Cover

      61. Rest In Peace Album Dirty Fingers

      62. All Messed Up Album Run for Cover

      63. Run To Your Mama Album Dirty Fingers

      64. Speak For Yourself Album After the War

      65. Over The Hills And Far Away Album Wild Frontier

      66. Out In The Fields (LIVE) Album Wild Frontier

      67. White Knuckles, Rockin' & Rollin' Album G Force

      68. Because Of Your Love Album G Force

      69. Boogie My Way Back Home Album Grinding Stone

      70. Hold On To Love Album Victims of the Future



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