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      Just Memories

      Just Memories

      Luther Allison

      Album: Life Is A Bitch

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      Luther Allison - Just Memories Música y Letra

      I hope this song brings back memories
      I get this feeling the songs today ain't like they use to be
      With a meaning, with a meaning, of love
      When I think about, all these unhappy lives
      Unhappy people, they must live unhappy lives
      They forgot about, love for each other
      Just hate, just hate on their mind
      I have the blues, singing slow and sweet
      Oh I wanna continue singing, singing for you, for you, for you and me
      Mister DJ, would you play it loud and clear
      Just play the song, just play the song, loud in each ear
      Ow feeling, feeling I have brings back memories
      Memories, memories, memories I wanna hear
      Ahh, ahh, ahh, just keep on listening, just keep on keep on listening, to me
      Touch, reach out and feel the pain
      I'm going to take you back a million years or so
      And see can you understand, just feel the vibration
      Feel the vibration, feel, just like the easy touch deep in the breeze
      Late in the night, ohh now, ohh now
      Come on, come on, come on and let me, let me touch you inside
      I wanna touch ya, touch ya, touch your soul
      Ohhh just one more time, yes feeling, feeling
      Feel this song, feel this song, feel this song
      Deep down in your heart and soul

      Luther Allison - Just Memories Música y Letra






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