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      The Brother

      The Brother

      Robben Ford

      Album: Live In San Francisco

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      Robben Ford - The Brother Música y Letra

      Hey, brother
      It's been too long
      So I put out my hand
      I was wrong
      But tell me
      Where to from here
      You won't say a word
      And you won't come near
      We've got history
      You deny it
      And this silence that you keep
      Speaks loud and clear
      So we've found someone to blame
      And nothing is going to change
      Hey, friend
      Don't turn your back
      Hey, brother
      We're wasting time
      I hurt you, now you hurt me
      It's a life of crime
      The problem I think is pride
      No one's willing to lose , we defend
      Or run and hide
      It's our destiny 
      To take the open road
      We don't have to walk 
      That road alone
      It's the things we have at stake
      Here behind the noise we make
      Oh, friend
      Don't turn your back
      While I watched you slip away
      I know love lies sleeping
      My friend
      Forgive the past
      Let the good things last
      And brother together we can move on
      Hey, brother 
      So far away
      If our paths should cross
      What would you say
      I tell you 
      Say it now
      Or we'll lose the grace,
      That time has allowed

      Robben Ford - The Brother Música y Letra





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