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      Robert Cray

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      1. Poor Johnny Album Twenty

      2. Well I Lied

      3. No Big Deal Album Bad Influence

      4. The 12 Year Boy Album Shoulda Been Home

      5. March On Album Bad Influence

      6. Playin' In The Dirt Album Heavy Picks

      7. You're Gonna Need Me Album Shame And A Sin

      8. I'm Afraid Album Shoulda Been Home

      9. I'd Rather Be A Wino Album New Blues

      10. Right Next Door (Because of Me) Album Strong Persuader

      11. Too Many Cooks Album Heavy Picks

      12. The Last Time (I Get Burned Like This) Album False Accusations

      13. Too Many Cooks Album Who's Been Talkin

      14. I'm Walkin' Album Twenty

      15. A Memo Album Nothin' But Love

      16. Phone Booth Album Bad Influence

      17. The Price I Pay Album I Was Warned

      18. Blackjack Album Showdown

      19. Sleeping In The Ground Album Who's Been Talkin

      20. Help me Forget Album Shoulda Been Home

      21. Side Dish Album Nothin' But Love

      22. Consequences Album Midnight Stroll

      23. Change Of Heart, Change Of Mind (S.O.F.T.) Album False Accusations

      24. I'll Always Remember You Album Nothin' But Love

      25. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Album Heavy Picks

      26. Walk Around Time Album Midnight Stroll

      27. My Last Regret Album Twenty

      28. Sadder Days Album Nothin' But Love

      29. Still Around Album Strong Persuader

      30. Waiting For The Tide To Turn Album Bad Influence

      31. A Whole Lotta Pride Album I Was Warned

      32. I'd Rather Be A Wino Album Who's Been Talkin

      33. Two Steps From the End Album Twenty

      34. Far Away Album Shoulda Been Home

      35. The Moon is Full Album Showdown

      36. Smoking Gun Album Strong Persuader

      37. Trick Or Treat Album Heavy Picks

      38. Fix This Album Nothin' But Love

      39. I Guess I'll Never Know Album In My Soul

      40. The Dream Album Showdown

      41. I'll Go On Album Some Rainy Morning

      42. Smoking Gun Album The Best of Robert Cray

      43. Who's Been Talkin' Album New Blues

      44. You're Everything Album In My Soul

      45. Our Last Time Album I Was Warned

      46. False Accusations Album False Accusations

      47. Fine Yesterday Album In My Soul

      48. Little Boy Big Album Some Rainy Morning

      49. Just A Loser Album I Was Warned

      50. Right Next Door (Because of Me) Album The Best of Robert Cray

      51. Fantasized Album Strong Persuader

      52. Out of Eden Album Shoulda Been Home

      53. Your Pal Album Time Will Tell

      54. Albert's Alley Album Showdown

      55. Forecast (Calls For Pain) Album Heavy Picks

      56. Sleeping In The Ground Album New Blues

      57. Pillow Album In My Soul

      58. You Belong To Me Album Nothin' But Love

      59. Don't You Even Care Album The Best of Robert Cray

      60. I Got Loaded Album Bad Influence

      61. I Shiver Album Shame And A Sin

      62. Jealous Love Album Some Rainy Morning

      63. He Don't Life Here Anymore Album I Was Warned

      64. Labor Of Love Album Midnight Stroll

      65. These Things Album Midnight Stroll

      66. Got To Make A Comeback Album Bad Influence

      67. Leave Well Enough Alone Album Shame And A Sin

      68. Holdin' On Album The Best of Robert Cray

      69. At Last Album Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

      70. Nothin' But a Woman Album Strong Persuader



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