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      Across the Line

      Across the Line

      Robert Cray

      Album: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

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      Robert Cray - Across the Line Música y Letra

      (Cool Guitar Intro)
      There's so many reasons
      A man will commit a crime
      Frustration's gnawin' at him
      Twisting up his mind
      He's tickin' like a bomb
      That may go off at any time
      I'm not here to make excuses
      I didn't walk into it blind
      It was plain old greed
      Took something that wasn't mine
      It was the weakness for a woman
      That made me step across the line
      What made it so bad
      Was that I had a woman of my own
      And she never did wrong to me
      Always did her best to make our home
      From these cheatin' seeds I planted
      Some big-time grief has grown
      There's never been a man who's lived a perfect life
      I cut three hearts to pieces
      Didn't even use a knife
      I didn't have the common decency
      To lay off my brother's wife
      (Saxophone Solo)
      (Guitar Solo)
      No they won't put me in prison
      I'll be doing some hard time
      Child supporting alimony
      Taking my very last dime
      I didn't think about the damage
      When I stepped across the line
      (Guitar outro)

      Robert Cray - Across the Line Música y Letra





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