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      Junkyard In Your Eyes

      Junkyard In Your Eyes

      Walter Trout

      Album: Livin' Every Day

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      Walter Trout - Junkyard In Your Eyes Música y Letra

      Playground, clowd disguise
      No need to worry 'cause you're staying high
      You're nearly getti'n by, man you're realy flying
      You called a man 'cause you need some more
      Onehundred dollars and you go to school
      You really need it man, feel like you're dying
      You know to feel you ever be the last
      And your moneys gone away to fast
      You can't disguise, Junkyards in your eyes
      All your friends they want you fade away
      But you ain't hear it and you think that way
      You don't understand, you're through real trying
      You don't living like a Junkyard doll
      Noone can tell you, you don't need long
      You're beauty and fine, you know you're lying
      They see this doll, far too long
      You're on the bottom, you do much more
      You can't disguise, Junkyards in your eyes
      Look in a mirror, and all you see
      Is a man you never thought you'll be
      Do you wanna die, think about it
      You listen to me and disguised to say
      You nearly get down on your knees to pray
      ...You ain't no way, or making without it
      I hope you realize you're on a way
      go tomorrow or another day
      you can't disguise, Junkyards in your eyes, no no no noo
      You can't disguise it, no no...
      Junkyards in your eyes
      Oh yeah yeah yeah, oh oh
      You can't disguise, uh, you can't disguise it
      noho noho noho noho

      Walter Trout - Junkyard In Your Eyes Música y Letra





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