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      Can't Have It All

      Can't Have It All

      Walter Trout

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      Walter Trout - Can't Have It All Música y Letra

      The movers and the shakers
      They seem to have it figured out
      They got plenty of money
      They know what it's all about
      You watch them on the TV
      And you begin to feel
      You can't beat 'em so you join 'em
      Go get all that you can steal
      Oh yeah, soon you're headed for a fall
      No matter what you have
      Lord, you can never have it all
      Sometimes we get so angry
      And we just don't understand
      Sometimes when we play the game
      It don't go like we planned
      So we blame it on the dealer
      He mustn't be an honest man
      And we tell ourselves that we're the victims
      And start cheatin' when we can
      Oh yeah, that's when the police begin to call
      You got to learn the lesson you can never have it all
      The politicians painted smile
      Soon begins to fade
      He's drunk on booze and power
      Like a priest who just got laid
      His façade begin to crumble
      And now he wears a frown
      And the liberal press finds such a mess
      When they pull his trousers down
      Oh yeah, now he's got reporters waitin' in the hall
      He didn't realize he can never have it all
      You said you can't please everyone
      I guess you've got that right
      I don't care for empty air
      It's just too damn polite
      Don't let it make you crazy
      Ain't no need to grieve
      There's the door that's what it's for
      Just open it and leave
      Oh yeah, you go out and you have yourself a ball
      You can have a real good time
      But you can never have it all

      Walter Trout - Can't Have It All Música y Letra






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