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      Im Your Baby Tonight

      Im Your Baby Tonight

      Whitney Houston

      Album: Im Your Baby Tonight

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      Whitney Houston - Im Your Baby Tonight Música y Letra

      From the moment I saw you 
       I was outta my mind
       I never believed in love at first sight
       But you got a magic boy
       That I just can't explain 
       Well you gotta, you gotta way that your makin' me feel I can do
       I can do anything for ya baby
       I'll be down for ya baby 
       Lay all my cards out tonight 
       Just call on me baby 
       I'll be there in a hurry 
       It's your move now baby,
       Baby decide!
       Whatever you want from me 
       I'm givin' you everything 
       and I'm your baby tonight(Subsequently add"I'm your baby")(no"and"backgrnd)
       You've given me ecstasy (Subsequently change to "ecsta-ecstacy")
       You are my fantasy (Subsequently change to "You are my fanta-fantasy") 
       and I'm your baby tonight (no"and"backgrnd)(Subsequently add"I'm your baby")
       From the second you touched me
       I was ready to die 
       I've never been fatal, on my first time 
       I feel like an angel, who just started to fly 
       Well you got a, you got a way that your makin' me 
       Feel I can, feel I can, do anything for ya baby 
       I will fly for ya baby, hold on and enjoy the ride 
       I'm not in no hurry baby, We can fly all night baby 
       It's your move, now baby
       Baby let's fly!
       Whatever I do boy
       It's all about you baby 
       And ain't the truth boy
       I'm helplessly in love with you 
       What else can I do boy
       But be there for you baby 
       You got a you got a way that your makin' me 
       Feel I can feel I can do any do anyooo
       yeah yeah
       yeah yeah baby
       Now it's like I'm fatal, It's all on the table 
       And baby you hold the cards, and You got the magic 
       And I gotta have it, I don't want the pieces 
       I want every single part, I'll be your angel 
       I'm ready and able, Whatever you want is fine 
       Whenever you're ready, just call on your lady 
       I'll be your baby tonight 

      Whitney Houston - Im Your Baby Tonight Música y Letra






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